Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Sally" and "Frank"

Kay, so this is why I thought I would stink at this whole blog thing, cause I knew that I wouldn't be very consistent. So this is what has happened since I blogged last. I started going to a singles ward.... weird! And I got a job and I made some friends... But What I REALLY want to write about is my friend (who shall remain nameless) so my new friend, we'll call her.... Sally, is the bomb! Way super fun to hang out with and just totally funny!! And so, she likes this boy... and we'll call him.... Frank. SO she really likes Frank,but she didn't want to tell him but at the same time she wanted to go out with him, so I told her to just do it, just suck it up and ask him and she was all nervous and it was pretty funny actually. Anyway, long story short, she FINALLY texted him and asked him out and we are currently waiting for his reply.... Okay, now to the singles ward. Its way fun. I thought that it was going to be super boring BUT! I have made some really funny friends and we do all sorts of stuff, this weekend we are going to go camping!! Yeah! And than we are going to Loraine and James wedding,they are super cute! So its definatly not the horror story that most people make it out to be, it is a little awkward at times because everyone is single and so when some one of the opposite sex even glances at them theyre thinking, oh my gosh, do they like me, they looked at me, oh they are totally into me! And everyone thinks that everone likes each other and all of the guys are too scared to ask the girls out, its kind of funny. Now work... I work for a place called NPS, and what do I do? I pick up rather heavy boxes and I put them on a roley belt thing and I find out whats inside and based on the contents I send them to different places. It actually isnt that bad and I kind of like it. The funniest part of my job is a boy we shall call.... Bob. Now Bob works in a department next to mine and Bob has decided that we are friends, which is totally fine. And today he was teasing me about being in his area, and he said I thought we were best friends, so I said Bob, if were best friends than you have to hang out with me all the time and go shopping with me and he said cool, can I bring my purse. Of course I started laughing! and I told him only if he wore a dress. Pretty funny stuff. Than about five minutes later he yells, hey Jen, and I yelled back What!? And he said, if we go shopping can we hold hands? And not even missing a beat I said no, cause you would be in a dress and we would look gay. So he persuade it a little more and I got a little embarrassed,but thats okay, and now I'm being teased by one and all because "Bob" likes me. I would go out with him cause he is super funny, but I think he is in his mid thirties! Ahhhh! Too old! So thats it for now. I have way more to share but "Sally" needs me

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Part 2 of the cat (the saga continues)

So, yesterday I let the dog outside and who followed?? The cat, link the male 17 pound cat. The only problem with this is my sisters cat Yzma follows him everywhere, so once again, the cat was outside. Oh joy. I left the doors open thinking she would just come inside, hope we eventually gave up hope around ten at night having not found her at all. Everyone went to bed butt me, I stayed downstairs and watched some t.v. until about 1 in the morning when I heard meowing, naturally I quickly went upstairs and there she was on the other side of the glass door, I went to let her in and she ran away, darn. So I left the door open, in case she wanted to come in and I went down to get my shoes and a flashlight. I came back up and went downstairs, and outside I could hear her but I couldn't see her eventually I gave up and came inside, I figured she would just come in at night. No such luck, when everyone woke up, no cat, all day no cat until finally my dad came home and decided to take a stroll out one of the sliding glass doors and come in the other one at the opposite end of the room, when he came back who was sitting there on the floor under the chair?? You guessed it, the cat. I gave her some treats and tried to be her friend but I think she still has issues regarding the vacuum incident... So really really, never chase a cat with a vacuum, who would have thought it would bring so much drama?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I found this while was looking at people on facebook..... I think Sister Walch's obsession with Firemen got to me cause, dang! I just had to save him.... and than put him on my blog for all to see.... next stop, send sister Walch a copy....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Just For Jaime!

Ive only one thing to say..... Sugar Water!!


I LOVE Texas!!! Im totally rooting for them this year, which makes my sister mad... hehehe Dont worry Steph, I totally LOVE Oklahoma, and I shall root for them simply because they have the same colors as Oregon State...