Thursday, July 31, 2008

Part 2 of the cat (the saga continues)

So, yesterday I let the dog outside and who followed?? The cat, link the male 17 pound cat. The only problem with this is my sisters cat Yzma follows him everywhere, so once again, the cat was outside. Oh joy. I left the doors open thinking she would just come inside, hope we eventually gave up hope around ten at night having not found her at all. Everyone went to bed butt me, I stayed downstairs and watched some t.v. until about 1 in the morning when I heard meowing, naturally I quickly went upstairs and there she was on the other side of the glass door, I went to let her in and she ran away, darn. So I left the door open, in case she wanted to come in and I went down to get my shoes and a flashlight. I came back up and went downstairs, and outside I could hear her but I couldn't see her eventually I gave up and came inside, I figured she would just come in at night. No such luck, when everyone woke up, no cat, all day no cat until finally my dad came home and decided to take a stroll out one of the sliding glass doors and come in the other one at the opposite end of the room, when he came back who was sitting there on the floor under the chair?? You guessed it, the cat. I gave her some treats and tried to be her friend but I think she still has issues regarding the vacuum incident... So really really, never chase a cat with a vacuum, who would have thought it would bring so much drama?

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Lolly Pants said...

Hey lady friend, sounds like you have been having fun while away. Maybe you will come see me soon, huh. My cousin Amanda wants to meet you, she says that we should all hang out some time. She is the one I told you uses Henna on her hair to tame down all the frizziness. She said she might be able to get some if you want to use it. Lolly