Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The cat

Yesterday I decided to clean house. The only unfortunate thing about that decision is that my sisters cat (yzma) hates the vacuum, and she is already a scaredy cat anyway. Unfortunately to add to her scaredy catness I may or may not have already chased her with the vacuum the other day. So upon hearing the vacuum she ran outside.... uh oh!! I left the door open thinking she would come back in and left it at that, cause I knew even if I called her she wouldn't come to me. One hour went by two and finally my Dad got home, we looked EVERYWHERE!! out side and inside under the bed, we couldn't find her. I started panicking thinking that she had run away and how sad my sister would be until my brother in law came home!! We found her in a tree, bush thing and he dove in after her, she ran for the door thinking it was open (the glass door), nope, smack! She ran head first right into it. I still have mixed emotions about that, on one hand I find it extremely amusing, cause it was funny to watch and on the other hand I feel really bad for the poor kitty, she was really scared and today she wont even come out from underneath the bed. So next time you get the urge to chase a cat with a vacuum, pray they don't run into the glass door. Poor Kitty...

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